heartsA community of artists, dreamers, visionaries, singers, poets, musicians, photographers, dancers, and writers who have inspired me and touched my life. Someone one asked me how I got started into spirituality and healing, changing over from one form into something ultimately that is pure love. And I wondered at it a moment, a long pause full of a million exchanges. The smallest seeds of conversation, stillness, and how amazingly loving we can be with one another.

Everyone here has directly touched my life. Something that was ephemeral and yet tangible in the way it has stayed with me. I honor each of these people for the gifts they are giving to the world. How by the force of their love, their craft, their gifts they inspire others to seek and fully live their dreams.

I am interviewing or reflecting upon the time I had with these individuals and the amazingness of their presence and the humanness of their own paths of growth and awakening.

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