Photo by Anna Jones

I had forgetten myself. I was sidetracked, hiding, and waylaid. I am returning to myself, my adventurous nature. The part of me that evolves, in a revolving world. Here I present the revolutions of that reclamation.  Maybe you too will find that dream that had died and dust it off and give it wings.

I, Paige Stewart, had forgotten myself… or perhaps had stopped listening to myself, to my heart to exactly how it wanted to be of service. Fear stopped me for a long time.. creativity can breed internal monsters just as easily as it does heroism. I write because each word is a bridge home to my heart, to a place of peace and certitude.

I am building a bridge home to my heart, to a place that can only be reached the moment after the last word has been read, in the pause. The pause when something settles inside of us and is at rest. I am so grateful to every friend that has said they found beauty and a piece of something else inside of my short verses.  As it does for me when I read these, I hope that you feel the door opening inside your heart.

May my love reach you all,

Paige Stewart

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