When you become part of the universe, the universe becomes part of you.


Community is the bridge we need to heal and return to ourselves and right the world. I used to think healing happened in isolation, and while that is true for some I have found that when I am held in the compassion and love of another person that sees me as I am and still loves and accepts me… I am set free.

Due to the massive culture that we have around websites, television, texting, cellphones, streaming shows, and games… there is infinite potential for connecting and gathering with these tools to wield them as a tool to create community, change and upliftment for not only ourselves but many many others. However, there is a greater power in gathering together, face to face. It can be easy to hide behind a screen whether by watching the lives of others in a show pr story or by hiding behind emojis and text on a page than to be in community and conversation with others who see you… wherever and however you really are. I want to invite to you to remove the virtual walls and join us. Put it all down and go out into the world. Live your life. Do not be afraid to seem foolish, crazy, or dull. The only story we each need to be concerned with…. is our own. There are so many ways to distract ourselves from living our lives… endless television, instagram, streaming, reading… but our lives pass us by each moment we spend letting the stories of others entertain us. We live inside the box of our minds, watching another box displaying the lives of others forgetting to live our own, to take risks, to fail, to succeed, to go out into the unknown lands and see the world as it is.

I love the stories, our obsession with stories is my own. I have watched years of my life roll by and series endlessly engaging me as time moves on and I wander in tighter and tighter circles until there is no circling motion at all and I am but a point, a punctuation mark at the end of this sentence, unmoving and static . But no more. I can’t. I will die without ever having actually been alive: in a state of action; full of energy and spirt; vivid or vibrant. Are you alive by this definition?

If you are not… join me… for we are a gathering storm of potentials.