Whispers and Words

I am holy whole.

Blood Moon Lunar

I see myself looking out

It is the moon in me, outshining the brightest city
I bathe myself in shades of light, even my darkest aspects glow
I turn myself around, space is spinning
I wane into utter darkness, then no one sees me.
Hidden in the earths blind spot, I forget that I shine.
I am the moon no more, I am stone without the sun.
While no one is watching, I lose myself.

If I am not shining, do I even exist.
If I cast no light in the world and only dwell in the dark
am I real, do I count, am I broken… do I lose my purpose and cease to be.
I am not this light. I am a mirror, a projector of light.
I cannot create the light, but I can and do regularly dwell in the dark.

Each month there is one night where no one is looking.
That darkest night has become my holy day. The silence takes me, and I dance alone
A slow turning, truth pours out from my core

All you see is a mirror, doing what a mirror does best.

You say I am full one night a month

You say I am beautiful when I am shining

You say it’s all about the facade
You say I wax and wane, but rather is it you?

For no matter the light or dark… I am always Whole.
I am not full or empty. I am always whole.
I am not in a state of flux… I am always whole.
I am not the light, but I am holy whole.

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