Whispers and Words

all that remained

allison kunath inner architecture

I wanted to teach the world to you
so i bought you a globe
it was not that old
some of the borders
had since moved
and the names of the places
inside those lines had changed too

and i wondered if anyone made a globe without lines
or names for things which no
one can agree on anyway

a globe of land and sea

So I painted all the lines away
and erased the names of everything
so that all that remained
was hot and cold
high and low
land and sea

I wanted to teach the world to you
I wanted you to see
the billions of beautiful souls
all here learning
to erase the borders inside themselves
so that all that remains
is love

-Paige Stewart


Watercolor by Allison Kunath

4 thoughts on “all that remained

  1. I agree dear Paige. I wish we would learn. One earth and one people. No borders, no conflicts and our leaders lead with concern, kindness and they listen to the common folks. I loved your work today. You are a talented writer.

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