Whispers and Words

until we are

watercolor by Allison Kunath
We've been here a long long time, 
soaking the sun into us

there are some who say
the truth is the truth is the truth
and if it's not, you'll know

but a blind man's never seen the sun
nor have we truly seen the Light
so we balance ourselves
before mirrors
seeking light
and losing ourselves
in reflections

we've built engines of light
and worship projections
shadows and shades
misleading and empty

and then? and then?

if we are lucky, every illusion
we created casts no light
and we grow weary of the dark

in order to know, we must live
and try to fill our hungers
to realize there is no food, no body, 
no thing, nor person that will ever
be enough.

Until we are. 

-paige stewart

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