Whispers and Words


clouds anna jones photo

An ache comes with the chill on the wind
a bitter truth is blowing in
through the one window left
the others were taken down,
or blown out by winds I make at night

I called up all my gales, truth’s stripped on the force of their winds
we made a big mess, trying to push it all out and away
In the heat of this storm is when I see what I’ve made
a mess in a house that was fine, til you came

You came, and with you it brought
a whole world of emotions I’d not given a thought
You hauled out the fire starters I’d put in the attic
and set me to lighting a path round the yard

While the whole of it is burning
I find myself still yearning
for the man I blew away
so lost in my storm, I forgot to say stay.

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