Whispers and Words



If you captured all the light in a day, it would not be there.
If your hearing was lost, it would matter very little because you will never hear it.
If you burned all the trees trying to root it out, it would not be found.

The memories of stars,
Long darkness
bursts of new matter
and suddenly light

and then there was always the light
burning in me
I am that distant star
I am the light
you tossed your wishes to
on a souls cold night

some I do catch
they burn up in me
so much power in a wish

a wish is a dream you
only share with the stars
I send the wishes back as light
and you see it twinkling

I am sending your wishes back to you
so when you look upon us far away stars
the dream that you had comes back to you
enters your eyes and begins to shine anew

We play toss like this arcoss the universe all the time,
time is different for us
A true wish made with your heart
well, I get that right away.

A wish made from the heart has more power than all us Stars in the whole sky.
We burn because of your wishes, we are made up of your dreams.
we shine because of your love
don’t ever stop asking for what your heart seeks.

The light will come back to you
if you forget, or need hope.

Just look to the stars they are shining to you.
Returning the wishes you sent so long ago.
The dreams of our hearts fuel the whole cosmos
do more from you heart and the universe will be brighter.

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