Whispers and Words

we were wild once

Horse Anna Jones Photography

I dreamt we were wild once
I saw us running the steeps
We felt the wind, the way it only feels to the free things
We knew it’s secret name, and how to call it to us
how it came outpacing us and lifting us up and up.

We were flying then, the wind pulling our tails to feathers
our plodding to swooping, over untamed landscapes we soared.
We forgot ourselves, our small human bodies left sleeping far away
and we were wild again… the wind telling us the world’s secrets

It all fell away, the dawn, the day, and the dusk…
night came stirring awake deeply buried truths until
they became the stars light shinning back to us…
then we were no longer flying but floating particles

So small to contain so much joy…
There was nothing to see anymore
just so much to feel, the vast ache of cold,
the dynamic burning combustion,
and the glory of uninterrupted forever

Until the wind called my name…and I stirred with it
and then it was you… smiling at me
saying it’s time to get up
the day is waiting…
and I laughed
and laughed
and laughed
cause we were wild once.

Photo Credit Anna Jones Photography

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